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More help for Fiji

Shayal Devi
Sunday, December 29, 2013

THE Yaadein Vision Group Worship will be conducting more projects for Fiji in the coming year.

The assistance will include bringing forth medical practitioners from Australia and New Zealand to help Fijians.

One of the group's Australian members, Bobby Singh, said they were always looking for more ways to help Fiji.

"By getting this team of doctors, we want to help people here — particularly those who cannot afford to travel overseas to seek medical help," he said.

"Since the establishment of the group in 2000, we have been working alongside our ex-Fijian brothers and sisters in New Zealand, America and Canada in providing the best for Fiji.

"The group promotes education in over 70 schools and has sponsored over 4000 children over the years."

Mr Singh said the group regularly held fundraising drives to send food and clothes from Australia to the underprivileged in Fiji.

"By mid-March next year, we will be bringing two doctors and four nurses.

"We will also be holding more workshops for Hindu priests next year as well."