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Police intensify search for Suka

Shayal Devi
Sunday, December 29, 2013

LACK of co-operation from the relatives of 65-year-old Eliki Suka has not deterred police in their search for the man who is believed to have knowledge of the burning of the Natavora Restaurant and Music Bar on the Coral Coast last week.

West police media liaison officer Naina Ragigia said they had searched the Coral Coast with no positive results and had moved the search to other parts of Nadroga.

"We are still brushing up parts of Sigatoka in the search for him," she said.

"We have moved into the Valley Rd, Sigatoka, and will continue our search from there."

Ms Ragigia also said the community in Valley Rd had been very supportive in the search for Mr Suka.

"They have covered up most of the areas in Valley Rd and searched with the help of the people because the police have also been going on horseback."

"We want people to know that if they are found guilty of harbouring this man, they too can face charges."

She added the case had become very serious since the death of the Mr Suka's wife.

Ms Ragigia said they were pleading with members of the public for their help in this case.

A stop departure has also been placed on the 65-year-old, which prevents him from leaving the country.

"At this point, he may not have left the country but Immigration has been informed that he is not allowed to leave the country."

People who have information about the whereabouts of Mr Suka can contact the police on 917 or the Lautoka Police Station on 6662222.

Vikatoria Kolinisau, eight, still remains hospitalised with 38 per cent burns while her mother, 43-year-old Naomi Kolinisau died after she suffered 60 per cent burns as a result of the fire.