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SSP: No drop policy

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, December 29, 2013

DRIVERS in the Northern Division will by the end of this year have the most number of Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs).

Divisional police commander northern Senior Superintendent of Police Naulumatua Lutunacaucau said the final number would be finalised at the end of this month.

However, SSP Lutunacaucau confirmed with the recent figures, the North would top the numbers this year.

"We issued a total number of 695 TINs this month (December) alone," he said.

"Christmas week alone we issued a total of 169 TINs.

"These TINs are normally issued to vehicles with defects and vehicles involved in offences such as speeding."

SSP Lutunacaucau said they were giving a no drop policy to cases of speeding this festive season.

"With our speeding cases we will issue TINs on the spot and ensure that drivers are taken to task.

"We recorded the most TIN for speeding offences during this festive period. We are warning drivers that those caught speeding will be taken to task."

SSP Lutunacaucau said as the new year drew nearer there would be more merrymaking and people would be consuming more alcohol.

"Drivers should use a taxi if they are under the influence of alcohol and refrain from drink-driving."