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Answering God's call

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Sunday, December 29, 2013

PITA Turaganivalu, 40, believes his work as a laundry hand at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital was God's calling for him nine years ago.

And the Qelewara, Namuka native from Macuata, who has always had a desire to help people since he was young was bestowed with the General Manager's Award at the hospital's awards night at Suva's Holiday Inn on Friday.

"Ever since when I was growing up I had always wanted to help people," Mr Turaganivalu said.

"When I first applied for this job I had a feeling that I would definitely get it because I had the belief that it was the right job for me and that God had showed me the way to take this job."

Mr Turaganivalu said at times he could even start as early as 1am before knocking off at 5pm just to do the job he loves.

"I started work at the CWM Hospital in 2004 and since then I have loved every moment of it."

Like a nurse or doctor, Mr Turaganivalu always believes he was destined to be serving the sick, no matter how humble the station.

"When I return home in the afternoons, I am always relieved because I have done my day's job well.

"I sometimes do the job alone but that is not a problem because I believe people who are being taken care of here need our help."

Even though he was just a laundry hand, Mr Turaganivalu says his work is important because it enables him to play his part in our health care system.