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Family's delight

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, December 29, 2013

THE foresight of Yalava elder, Epeli Rokoqica 15 years ago, has benefitted his descendants as they continue to work closely with Renewable Energy Services Limited (RES) for their source of electricity.

The late Rokoqica paid RES about $5000 for the instalment of a 240-voltage solar system that has been powering two large houses at the family compound in Yalava, Tabia.

A team from RES was at Yalava on Friday updating and renewing the family's solar panels since its instalment 15 years ago.

Family elder Lepani Rokoqica said since the instalment of the solar system, they did not have to worry about fuel costs.

"We can even operate appliances such as washing machines, videos, blender, an electric iron and at the same time light up our family residence from the system we currently have," he said. "We are also glad that the electricity source that we are using is environment friendly.

"Living in a rural setting like this we do not have to travel to town or worry about fuel costs or maintenance costs of our generators as other villagers in Yalava do."

RES director Krishn Raj said they had been working with a lot of villages and settlements in the rural areas.

"We have worked with more than 2000 homes in the North setting up solar systems in their homes," he said.

"The solar system costs vary according to the package that our customers subscribe for.

"Our office is located at the Labasa Civic Centre and interested customers can always give us a call as we are open from Monday to Friday."

Mr Raj added adopting the solar technology would drive a self-sustainable generation of Fijians especially in rural areas who would be less dependent on fossil fuels.