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School shopping starts

Shayal Devi
Sunday, December 29, 2013

SHOPPERS are taking advantage of reduced prices in the Sugar City with some already shopping for the new school year.

With Christmas now past, some shoppers are already doing their back-to-school shopping.

Lautoka City was a hive of activity yesterday as parents came out in numbers to shop for their children's school stuff.

Eliki and Lusi Dolobula of Topline in Lautoka were among the hundreds shopping for their two female relatives who were in Class One and Four.

"School items are cheaper now and to avoid the last-minute rush, we have come shopping today," Mr Dolobula said.

"The free education scheme for next year was very good for all parents. We only have to buy books and stationery for the children," he said.

Lautoka stationery outlet Paper Power was bustling with customers and manager Danny Kumar said the rush was to be expected.

"We have specials on textbooks, exercise books, school bags, lunch boxes and juice bottles — basically everything children need for school," he said.

"We have noticed that the number of customers have been increasing and we are getting busier as we approach the coming school year."