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Police tighten up dock security

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Sunday, December 29, 2013

THE growing number of thefts from fishing boats docked in the Suva Harbour has now prompted the Fiji Police Force to tighten up on its security.

Duavata Community Policing divisional manager Central Inspector Sanaila Biau said they would now work with Ports Authority, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and the fishing and shipping agents to work on this growing concern.

This, followed the presentation of a partnership certificate on Friday where the Ports Authority had agreed to work with police on tackling the issue.

"We have received complaints from these boat owners that assorted items like laptops and other items have gone missing from their boats," he said.

"The Ports Authority and other stakeholders had now agreed to work with us in tacking the issue so that these culprits would be taken to task.

"We would like to ask boat owners to take ownership of their properties and avoid such people from entering their premises," he said.

Insp Biau said one of their main priorities was to protect Suva's port of entry including the fishing vessels docked at the harbour.

He also called on relevant stakeholders and members of the public to work with them in terms of reducing crime rate as doing so would boost economic growth in the country.