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Island boy fulfils grandfather's wish

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Saturday, December 28, 2013

MATAI Matakitoga has fulfilled an agreement he made with his late grandfather to spend Christmas in Suva.

Tevita Gade, who died earlier this year, had promised Matai they would visit Suva to spend Christmas with relatives.

The dream is one the 10-year-old from Tovu, Totoya in Lau will never forget, especially the feeling of setting foot in Suva for the first time at Mua-i-walu.

Matai said he just loved the totally new feeling of being taken on a tour of the Capital City within days of his arrival.

"I only wish I had come on this trip with Tukai (grandfather) because he promised he would bring me to Suva this Christmas," Matai said.

"After seeing all the big buildings and shops, I will go back and work hard to come and continue my secondary school studies in Suva in a few years."

Matai said he enjoyed every moment he spent with his cousins.

Uncle Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba said since Matai's grandfather's passing, the young lad had remained determined to visit Suva, and, with the assistance of relatives in Suva, the trip was made possible.

Mr Cinavilakeba said that on Boxing Day, Matai spent the day with the family at Suva's Picnic Park.

"Instead of swimming in the sea, he just wanted to watch the people and the traffic and meet new friends," Mr Cinavilakeba said.

Matai has also vowed that before going back to the village next month, he would finish visiting the big buildings and shops in the Capital City.

Mr Cinavilakeba said they were emotional when they learnt that Matai, a Class Five student of Tovu Primary School, had stuck to his promise to make the trip alone to Suva.

"This is a special moment for us because we get to spend the festive season with Matai even though his grandfather has passed on.

"He has made the most of it, sleeping little and preferring instead to play with his cousins."