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Market for their catch

Serafina Silaitoga
Saturday, December 28, 2013

FISHERMEN of Kia and Kavewa islands in Macuata have no problems marketing their catch.

And the festive season has even blessed them with good income because fish is a big part of the menu.

For those in Ligau Village on Kia Island, apart from selling fish to existing markets in Labasa, they also receive orders from relatives.

Village headman Akuila Tutora said the sea was their livelihood, root crops were for family consumption only.

Mr Tutora said fishermen travelled to Labasa Town three or four times a week to supply buyers with fish.

Apart from the market, he said they also supplied fish and seafood to companies in Labasa.

The income received from the fish companies, Mr Tutora said was much more than what was usually received from the market.

In a week, he said fishermen could earn up to $300, and during the festive season, because of the high demand, they could earn up to $1000.

For those on Kavewa Island, village headman Emosi Time said they were blessed because they had started planting seaweed.

Apart from selling fish in Labasa, the villagers also have a separate income earning opportunity by selling seaweed.

Mr Time said the seaweed money helped them organise village development plans.

He said the Department of Fisheries helped them find markets for their seaweed.

Mr Time said their fishermen visit Labasa weekly to sell their catch.