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Call to be responsible during drinking

Shalveen Chand
Saturday, December 28, 2013

DON'T drink if you can't handle alcohol says the Fiji Police Force after a Christmas weekend filled with alcohol-related incidents.

This after a man from Natumua Village in Tavuki, Kadavu, died after he was allegedly stabbed in the chest.

The man and another were part of a Christmas drinking party when after an argument, the latter apparently stabbed his friend with a kitchen knife.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said there were many other fights and assault cases where police had to intervene.

"Most of these cases were related to alcohol where people who start enjoying themselves together ended up in fights," Ms Naisoro said.

"There have also been assault cases similar in nature.

"Police are urging the public to be responsible when drinking alcohol.

"It takes a second to make the wrong decision.

"People should enjoy and not indulge into binge style drinking."

Meanwhile police have also been busy with the discovery of an Asian man's body in Savutalele in Tamavua on Christmas Day.

Ms Naisoro said police have ruled the death to be unnatural as the man was found hanging.

She said police are awaiting the autopsy report.