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Prevent dengue, clean up

Felix Chaudhary
Saturday, December 28, 2013

RESIDENTS of the Western Division, particularly Lautoka, are being urged to clear containers capable of holding still water and to clean their yards to reduce likely mosquito breeding grounds.

Divisional health inspector Rakesh Kumar said it was important that people took heed of the advice from the Health Ministry.

"We are about to start spraying in areas where dengue fever cases have been medically confirmed," he said.

"But it is important for people to understand that spraying only kills mosquitoes.

"It doesn't get rid of the eggs and if you take into account that one female can lay up to 100 eggs, this is where the problem lies."

Mr Kumar said while there was no outbreak of dengue at the present time, everyone had to play their part in reducing areas where the pest could breed.

Lautoka special administrator Praveen Bala said the city council was ready to assist in the fight to rid the Sugar City of mosquitoes.

"We will give incentives to people if they want to clear their yards, in terms of collection of refuse," he said.

"Our health inspectors have identified a few areas where people are being careless and we are urging these people to do the right thing and clear their compound of cans and tyres.

"If ratepayers have any issues in terms of drain blockage, please contact us and we will assist."