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Derelict vehicles to be removed from government yard

Luke Rawalai
Saturday, December 28, 2013

CONCERNS have been raised over rusty, old vehicles piled up at a government yard in Labasa.

Vunimoli villager Manoa Tuiwainikai said the yard was an eyesore.

"It is not a good sight those rusty, old vehicles overgrown with bushes.

"This may also become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

"The rusted vehicles may also affect organisms in the Labasa River as their metallic paints and rust spill can get washed into the river during heavy rain."

Fellow Bulileka resident Adi Vasitai Loloma said something needed to be done about the junk.

North divisional engineer George Tavo said a scrap metal contractor was assigned to remove the vehicles.

"This will be done early next year after agreements have been made between us and the contractors. I cannot say how much the whole purchase is worth because the contractors need to weigh the metal and select the metal type they will purchase from us.

"These are boarded vehicles that were used initially by government departments."