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Family fun time

Timoci Vula
Friday, December 27, 2013

A FAMILY from Naqara on Taveuni were out in the sun on Christmas Day enjoying the outdoors while their children entertained themselves with the various play equipment at Suva Point.

For Rita Prasad and her extended family, her husband and three daughters, and her father, this is that time of the year where they visit their families on Viti Levu.

"We came to visit our family staying this side. We will be staying until new year," Mrs Prasad said as she controlled the balance of the seesaw, with inquisitive looks from six-year-old Jennice and Justin, 4.

And it was the same for all other families who came in and spent Christmas Day out in the park, by the sea.

For Peni Tila and his close family members, they brought nine-year-old Josefo Nabete Jr for a seawater bath following his circumcision.

There were many other young boys dressed in sarongs having seawater bath to help heal the wound.

Christmas Day church services happened simultaneously in various suburbs and communities along the Suva-Nausori corridor.