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Demand for an ID

Avinesh Gopal
Friday, December 27, 2013

NIGHTCLUB owners have been advised to demand an ID card from people who want to enter the premises but appear to be under 18 years old.

Divisional manager for community policing in central Suva Inspector Sanaila Biau said nightclub owners were advised of this at a meeting earlier this month.

He said police would also be observing hotels and motels, especially in the Capital City, this festive season.

The issue of under-aged people entering the nightclubs is also a concern for the law enforcers, who have laid down the rules.

"It's very difficult to say if someone is under-aged because some people are young but of a big built," said Insp Biau.

"We have told the nightclub owners to demand for an ID from those who appear to be under-aged and want to enter the nightclub.

"The photo on the ID should be that of the person who produces it.

"The best ID would be the voter registration card."

He said police were also working with nightclub owners in the Capital City on the closure time, saying the bar should close and music stops at 4:30am.

He said nightclubs should close their doors at 5am and no one should be inside after that time.

"The nightclub owners have been told to ensure they don't serve excessive liquor to someone who is too drunk and incapable.

"The life of people is the main thing and when people are too drunk and incapable, then they are incapable of taking care of themselves and their property.

"We will also observe some hotels and motels in the city that have bonafide guests and we allow them room service for liquor and not in the public bar."

He said police officers were out in the streets of Suva in numbers last night and they will be out again tonight to ensure the safety of people and property.