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Villagers raise funds for truck

Salaseini Moceiwai
Friday, December 27, 2013

WALKING for about three kilometres to get to the main road will soon be a thing of the past for villagers of Nayarailagi in Macuata.

The villagers have decided to buy a three-tonne truck to help in their transportation.

Yesterday, the villagers took time out for a soli day aimed at raising $20,000 for the truck.

Village headman Peni Maisiri said the idea came after they saw how their children walked every morning and afternoon to and from school.

"Our children walk everyday to school under the hot sun and rain and we really feel for them," Mr Maisiri said.

"Villagers also walk to the main road with their luggage and sometimes when they reach the road, the buses are either fully-packed or they have missed it.

"We have decided to come up with a soli day to raise funds for the truck. We aim to raise about $20,000 to deposit the truck."

Mr Maisiri said they also planned to put their truck on hire for extra income.

He acknowledged the children of Nayarailagi from all over Fiji and abroad who attended the fundraising day to contribute to their plan.