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Gifts for the poor

Salaseini Moceiwai
Friday, December 27, 2013

A GROUP of unfortunate people in Labasa counted themselves blessed when prominent social worker Selina Lee-Wah distributed Christmas gift packs to them early this week.

The group, some of whom are disabled, elderly and poor, not only received food rations but also clothing and toiletries.

Mrs Lee-Wah said the group was among other groups she usually assisted.

"This is an initiative by the St John Vianny Family and Friends and the Holy Family Catholic Women's League," she said.

"We have made it our business to assist these people every year because some of them are left on their own.

"This is a humanitarian act we feel proud of doing because we feel it's our responsibility to help the poor and the unfortunate.

"The gift packs we have given will bring joy and hope to them because this is something they don't usually get daily."

Mrs Lee-Wah said they would continue to help the group in future.

One of the recipients, Aga Pito, who is partly blind and disabled, thanked Mrs Lee-Wah and the two women's group for the kind gesture.