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Early arrival for Bano

Timoci Vula
Friday, December 27, 2013

CHRISTMAS this year cannot be any more special for Zubeda Bano and her family.

The baby girl, born to Ms Bano of Nabua, opened her eyes to the outside world at 12.45am at CWM Hospital on Christmas Day.

The bundle of joy, who should expect a very special name, weighed 2.3kg.

"I'm very happy, everybody in my family is very happy," said the elated 32-year-old mum, looking very strong when The Fiji Times team visited her in hospital on Wednesday.

Spotting a wide smile throughout the interview, Ms Bano said she had a January 25 due date but her baby surprised the family a month earlier.

"I didn't expect it. This is a real surprise for me," she said.

"Today (Wednesday) is a very special day. This is my special baby."

Ms Bano said her Christmas baby have been receiving visitors from the family, especially the grandparents, since she was born.

At the time of the interview, the CWM Maternity Unit had so far recorded the delivery of 11 healthy babies.