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More villages to join violence-free intiative

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Update: 12:22PM MANY more villages and settlements in Fiji will be able to take advantage and be part of the government's initiative to create violence free communities in the coming year.

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation plans to expand the coverage on the Zero Tolerance Violence Free Community Campaign in the rural and maritime communities around Fiji.

Minister Dr Jiko Luveni confirmed that with a budgetary allocation of $750,000 to the Womens Plan of Action, the ministry will be able to reach out to more womens groups, particularly through the programs for Elimination of violence Against Women and Children (EVAW).

So far we have got 60 communities on our Zero Tolerance Violence Free Community Campaign and gatekeepers committee has been formed in each of these communities, and the initiative is headed by the leaders of the communities, particularly by the male leaders, traditional leaders, women and youth leaders in communities that have undergone eight to 12 months of awareness programs and training on addressing violence at community level.