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Nadroga-Navosa awaits netball visit

Arin Kumar
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NATIONAL netball coach Unaisi Rokoura will be in for a treat when she visits Sigatoka this Friday and Saturday.

She will conduct a coaching course at Lawaqa Park and the Navosa Netball Association will use the event to display its players to her.

Association president Judy Kumar said it would be their bid to get some players from their district into the national netball side.

Kumar said clubs in Nadroga and Navosa have been informed of the clinic and more than 100 participants are expected to show up.

"In previous years, Nadroga was the champ of netball when Vilimaina Davu, Sisi Howard, Kelera Nadalo and Elenoa Vatureba were chosen to play for Fiji but now none of our players are in the national team because we really lack interest," Kumar said.

"I suppose we need to revive the sport and get more players into the national team, so I urge everyone who loves netball to be part of the two-day clinic."

Kumar said they wanted to show Rokoura players such as Nanise Bulou, Seruwaia Makutu, Elenoa Vatureba, Ana Tuiyawayawa and Unaisi Vatureba.

"Looking at team from the Central Division, they do not have the height but here in Nadroga/Navosa we have tall players who can join the national team, so we urge the players to come and attend the clinics.

"Also we would like to urge the national body to give some incentives to players especially from Nadroga/Navosa because we have a lot of tall players here.

"I am sure Una will see the tall players from Navosa like Nanise Bulou and Unaisi Vatureba for the national under-21 team."