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Boxers told to be serious

Arin Kumar
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji (BCF) has advised boxers to take a more serious approach towards training to ensure they are leaner, fitter and stronger for future fights.

BCF director Malakai Veisamasama said they have seen in the past two months how boxers have gone for fights overseas and lost by knockouts because they were unfit.

He said they were learning from the losses and working towards improving the standard of Fiji boxers.

"One thing we have seen is that boxers only train when they have a fight coming up," Veisamasama said.

"And then after the fight or if the fight is cancelled, they stop training and wait for announcement of the next fight to start training again.

"That should not be the case because as a boxer, as a professional athlete, you need to be fit all the time and need to be consistent with training."

He said boxers in Fiji should take their cue from overseas boxers and those boxers who fought regularly.

"Boxers overseas, whom we hear of and we see getting fights regularly, are the ones who train 365 days of the year.

"They are ones who give it their best in training to ensure they maintain their weight and their fitness so they can perform well in the ring — promoters go to these boxers asking for fights. But that is not the case in Fiji.

"Here, boxers train on a start stop basis — they train for a while and then are idle for a few months.

"Boxing has changed and we need to change with it. You want to be fit; you need to train for it.

"And I am not saying that you go out full force in the gym or in training. Boxers should be smart and train hard one day and train light the next or train hard two days and train light one day.

"But you should be so consistent with training that you maintain your fitness at the required level and you stay in the weight category you want to fight at."