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Forecast for possible rain

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A POSSIBLE tropical depression with an associated trough of low pressure is expected to drift over Fiji later on this week.

Acting director of Meteorological Services Aminiasi Tuidraki said the trough was anticipated to affect the group until Saturday.

"The forecast for the group is heavy rain at times and squally thunderstorms, which is expected to affect the whole of Fiji from Thursday until Saturday this week," Mr Tuidraki said.

"From then on, we will be having fine weather apart from a few brief showers until the 1st of January.

"Fine weather will prevail over the group this Christmas until Thursday morning which is Boxing Day."

Mr Tuidraki said the rain band associated with the low pressure would start to drift down from the North and start to affect Vanua Levu gradually covering all the Fiji group.

"Due to the strong gusty winds from the depression, we should expect minor floods.

"We are alerting members of the public to be on alert and careful of their movements until the depression passes Fiji later on Saturday.

"The Fiji Meteorological Centre will continuously be monitoring the weather situation closely updating the public accordingly of any intensification or significant change on the weather."

Mr Tuidraki said they had started issuing heavy rain alerts from yesterday before the onset of the heavy rain so members of the public had enough time to prepare themselves.

"The public too must be aware that depression will be associated with gusty and strong winds and therefore ensure that loose structures are intact," Mr Tuidraki said.