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Album launch a success

Felix Chaudhary
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

AFTER scoring close to 17,000 hits on You Tube with their debut single Na Gauna, Lautoka-based band Makare launched its debut album at Traps nightclub in Suva.

Group leader William 'Bigwilz' Waqanibaravi said the event was a success in more ways than one.

"Apart from the overwhelming support that we received from the public, we were really blown away by the assistance given to us by Suva group, One2eight," he said.

"Having so many people turn up last Saturday was the best form of respect that could be shown for some of Fiji's greatest songwriters, artists and music producers that created timeless iTaukei classics like Na Gauna."

The album is a production of 10 iTaukei songs that were hits in the '70s and '80s — with a modern twist.

"It is our hope that through this self-titled album, the younger generation will discover the ingenious writing skills of artists like Marika Gata, Lela Seruvakula and Iliesa Baravilala to name but a few.

"These composers wrote songs that are timeless and through this album we hope to share this to a new generation."

Also featured on the album are Gilman Lasaisuva, a legend in his own right in Fiji music, the soulful sounds of Ditui Abariga Raoma and Jim Ratusila of Rosiloa fame.