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Plea for better roads

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NASEALEVU and Viriqilai villagers in Macuata continue to voice their plea over the deplorable state of their roads despite assurance from authorities that they would look into the problem.

Earlier this year, this newspaper highlighted the students' plight in having to walk for hours from the village to attend Vudibasoga Primary Secondary in Seaqaqa.

Villager Paula Navidi said there had been no change to the road condition.

"It is sad because the year is nearly ending but we are still suffering because no one will listen to our plea," he said.

"This festive season, women and children have to use horses to transport their Christmas shopping.

"Despite the fact that the authorities have not responded, we are appealing to them once again to fix our road."

Fellow villager Anaseini Ratulevu said the road had not been unattended to for a long time and as a result people preferred to settle in Labasa Town because of the difficulties they faced in the village.

FRA acting CEO Dale Nicholls said they would look into the matter.