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Farmers make use of last-minute shopping rush

Salaseini Moceiwai
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

APART from the daily shoppers visiting Labasa Town for their last-minute Christmas shopping yesterday, about 20 farmers made use of the opportunity to sell their goats.

Among the group was Dreketi farmer Kamal Deo who always looks forward to the festive season because it's that time of the year when he earns high income for his family.

Apart from selling vegetables and root crops, he also sells goats at a very affordable price.

Yesterday, Mr Deo was a happy man after selling 18 goats at the Labasa Market.

"I always look forward to this season, especially during Christmas and new year's eve," he said.

"I had 20 goats to sell and as of this morning, only two are left.

"The price ranged from $200 to $250 and this is cheap given the huge sizes of the goats.

"I travelled all the way from Dreketi this morning and I am so happy that I manage to record sales. This is our Christmas money as we want to be part of the Christian celebration."

Mr Deo said he would come again next year with an even bigger number of goats to sell.