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Call to restore godliness

Ana Madigibuli
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

METHODIST Church in Fiji and Rotuma president Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu says to restore God's image in people this Christmas is to promote the resurgence of love, holiness, unity, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.

"These are the cornerstones of strong and healthy nation-building Fiji badly needs today in order to experience life in its fullness," Mr Waqairatu said.

He said everyone needed to critically examine their lives this festive season.

"A responsible mind should always interrogate and ponder deeply on the motive and the rationale of an action or event," Mr Waqairatu said.

"Citizens of Fiji, the story of Jesus' birth cannot be treated in isolation from the entire history of God's faithful commitment to save the world.

"We failed and lost God's image in our lives, but God managed to save us through his righteousness."

Mr Waqairatu said God was faithful on his side of the covenant but people were not.

"God's righteous is one and in the same package with his love, faithfulness, reconciliation, justice and peace.

"So, as we celebrate Christmas, let us be reminded once again that Jesus' birth cannot be separated from the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the cross, resurrection, kingdom-building and life eternal.

"All are in the one package labelled God's faithful commitment for the salvation of mankind and this is the way to restore the lost image and to experience just and prosperous living, by living the essence of the Kingdom of God in all aspect of our being."