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Tour helps grow golf

Emoni Narawa
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

THE Professional Golf Association of Australia is anticipating a huge turnout when it hosts the PGA Tour of Australia at the Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course next year.

The organisers are looking to generate interest in the sport from the public building up to the event. Last month, the organisers were present at the Bayleys Fiji Coral Coast 7s tournament to study how such events were organised in Fiji.

Fiji International PGA general manager Natalie Ritter said they were pleased with the response of the public at the sevens event. She said they needed to generate the interest of the sport among the public.

"We will want to work with the local community and educate golf to help them understand how the sport is played," she said.

"We have seen the response of the public at the Coral Coast tournament and we're pleased with it.

"Golf is a minor sport in Fiji and it is going to be a challenge for us to try and attract spectators for the event. It is a fantastic sport played by millions around the globe, so we're optimistic that the event will be a successful one."

Ritter said they had mapped out a plan to organise the event.

"We will be making several trips to Fiji. We have started the planning."

She added the dates of the tournament would be confirmed later.