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Battle of the Powerhouses for volleyball giants

Arin Kumar
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A NEW trophy will be on the line between the Suva and Raiwai volleyball associations next year.

The men will compete for the Qilio Trophy while the women will compete for the Belo Trophy.

Suva secretary Viliame Katia said the two associations came together and decided to honour two people who helped with the development of the sport in the two associations.

"Navi Qilio was a famous rugby player for the Marist Rugby Club but he lived in Raiwai," he said.

"He also helped a lot with volleyball in Suva and Marist after his rugby days and until he passed away.

"The women's trophy is named after Salote Belo and competition will remember those who have helped with the development of the sport."

Katia said they have booked the venue for the event but were searching for sponsors to assist them.

"This competition will be known as the Battle of the Powerhouses because in the past competitions, it has been Suva and Raiwai that have met in the finals of the national competitions.

"We are working towards having competition in the under-15, under-17, under-19, under-21, development, veterans and the main category.

"All we need is the support of sponsors because we are starting off small now but hope to make it a big event.

"Whenever there is a competition with Suva or Raiwai participating, the two teams draw the biggest crowd so the sponsor will get a lot of mileage."

The competition is scheduled for January 18 and will serve as a build-up to the Vulaca Championship for both associations.