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Daily bus failures cause concern

Salaseini Moceiwai
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

THE condition of public service vehicles are entirely the responsibility of the operators, says LTA CEO Naisa Tuinaceva.

Responding to concerns about the daily breakdown of some buses on Vanua Levu, Mr Tuinaceva said inspections on this mode of transport were usually conducted by LTA officials on a six-monthly or yearly basis.

"When officials deemed the vehicles fit to operate on our roads, they give the owners the green light," he said.

"But it's how the operators take good care of their fleet after inspection that determines the transport conditions.

"LTA only gives the fitness to any PSV transport or any other vehicle for that matter, on the particular date and time of the inspection.

"When the vehicles are driven out of the gate, it's the responsibility of the operators to maintain the fitness.

"It's their job to maintain such fitness because we don't do this sort of inspection every day.

"Operators can do their own inspections through daily checks and also the maintenance programs that they are supposed to be following."