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Business booms as shoppers hunt for bargains

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ONE day away from Christmas and shoppers are taking advantage of the special Christmas sales at supermarkets in Labasa Town.

Crowded supermarkets and shops were a common sight as people carried out their Christmas shopping yesterday.

Lekima Saumatua of Bua said most of the villagers from the province were in town to shop.

"Others are expected to flock in tomorrow (today) to carry out their last minute shopping," he said.

"For us in villages located outside Labasa we have family members coming in for the holidays and this is the only time for us to take advantage of the low prices.

"There are other shoppers who have other family functions happening in villages."

Ram Prasad from Daria in Wainunu said he was in town to buy goats which were selling at low prices at the Labasa market.

"I fetched a good sized goat from the market at $150 which is cheap," he said.

"Even though Christmas is a Christian celebration, it has become a time for Hindus like me to meet and reconnect with our families."

Meanwhile, Labasa Chamber of Commerce president Satish Kumar has appealed to shopowners to lower the prices of their goods for the benefit of customers.

"My only appeal to shopkeepers is if they can lower the prices of their goods so that all families can share in the magic of Christmas," he said.

He said businesses were enjoying trade this festive season.

"We are expecting more shoppers as people rush to do their last minute shopping and we take this time to wish the people of Vanua Levu a merry Christmas and a happy new year."