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Mum queries son's death

Salaseini Moceiwai
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A MACUATA woman whose 21-year-old son allegedly committed suicide at the Namaka Police Station in Nadi last week is demanding answers from authorities on how he could commit the alleged act while in their custody.

Ashni Devi of Tabia said she did not believe her son hung himself under the watchful eyes of police officers.

"Ravneel Singh (son) was working at his uncle's timber yard in Nadi for about two years now and he was alleged to have raped a girl, whom we know was his girlfriend," she said.

"I really don't know whether the allegations are true or not, but one thing's for sure — I want to know how he committed such an act in custody.

"Where did he get the rope from and where were the police before the incident. I just want to know because this is something any parent would ask if it happened to his or her child."

Mrs Devi assumed her son may had been afraid of going to prison.

"We don't know what was going on in his head before he passed away

"I doubt that he committed suicide. I just want answers so I can sleep well at night."

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the CID was conducting an internal investigation into the matter.