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Stars share smiles

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

EXCITED young fans in the children's ward of Labasa Hospital got the treat of their lives yesterday as they rubbed shoulders with sports stars as part of a visit organised by Digicel Fiji.

Bua native Kusitina Rameli's eyes lit up as he held his cheeks and told his mother he still could not believe that Fiji sevens team captain Osea Kolinisau shook hands with him.

The 12-year-old said the visit by the team consisting of sprinter Banuve Tabakaucoro, Kolinisau and IRB referee James Bolabiu was the best Christmas gift ever.

He said he only saw the sporting personalities on television or heard their names mentioned in the media but having a chance to meet them personally was a dream come true.

The young boy is admitted at the Labasa Hospital after a spearing accident while swimming in a river in his village of Dama.

Krishit and Kritik Prasad could only smile as they got a chance to speak to renowned referee Bolabiu.

Being survivors of an ugly accident in which they sustained serious head injuries, the two who were recovering in hospital, said they were honoured to meet Fiji's top referee.

Kritik, 12, said meeting Bolabiu was an honour.

"He is smaller in real life compared to when we see him controlling matches on the television," he said.

Bolabiu said it was such an honour to visit the children at Labasa Hospital and include them in the festive season spirit.

Digicel Fiji head of marketing Sheryl Singh said the visit was part of their corporate social responsibility.

"We have done similar visits in Suva, including our local sporting icons and we wish to come back bigger and include other hospitals in the North next year," Ms Singh said.