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Fiji prepares for defence

Rashneel Kumar
Monday, December 23, 2013

THE Fiji men's hockey coach Hector Smith Sr has started planning ways to defend the trophy against the Australian Country next year.

The visitors, who have committed to returning next year, have vowed to claim the trophy which they brought to spice up the competition this year.

The Fiji men's High Performance Unit side won the series following its 2-1 and 3-0 wins last week.

"When an Australian team is beaten by a Fiji team, they don't like it, so they will come back stronger which is all the more reason why we should prepare even better," Smith Sr said.

The under-21 Australian Country team has been touring Fiji for about a decade.

Smith Sr said the visitors used to thrash them previously but have not been so effective lately.

"They used to beat us 9-1, 9-0 before. Since we started a HPU in 2008 to prepare for the Pacific Cup that was being played every December, we have managed to beat them a couple of times.

"We have been having some seesaw battles so every time they come down, they are coming with a stronger team.

"These guys used to previously go to Singapore and Malaysia but when we sort of lifted our performance, they felt they were getting a decent competition down here and they geared towards it to come down every year."

Smith Sr said they have learnt a lot through the exchange of ideas with the Australian Country team in the past several years.