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Women's hockey side works on mistakes

Rashneel Kumar
Monday, December 23, 2013

THE Fiji women's hockey side will use the lessons learnt in the three-match series against the Australian Country to prepare for the World Series qualifiers next year.

Coach Allison Southey was impressed with the commitment of the national players despite the national High Performance Unit side losing all its three matches 0-1.

"They have only been together for five weeks in training so we have a fairly new team with a few seniors to help out.

"I'm very pleased and proud of their performance."

Southey said the team learnt a lot in skills and game structure.

"With regards to skills and the new game structure we have learnt from them, it's just a different level of hockey with them."

Southey said the players would go on break and return in the second week of January to prepare for the upcoming season. She said the High Performance Unit had 25 players with the door open until next month for those interested to join the team.

Australian Country women's coach Wally Gaynor said the Fijians had a good future in the sport.