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Korea aid for Fiji

Dawn Gibson
Monday, December 23, 2013

THE Fisheries Department is expected to become more efficient and effective in its work next year following the handover of equipment worth $145,000.

The handover took place yesterday afternoon at the department's training centre in Lami and was officiated by Korean Ambassador to Fiji Seong-in Kim who said it was important for Korea to assist countries that faced difficulties in managing their marine resources.

"This is the second year of donation to Fiji under the grant assistance program for coastal developing countries which face difficulties in managing sustainable marine resources due to climate change and overfishing," Mr Kim said yesterday.

"Fiji is strategically located in the centre of the South Pacific.

"With sizeable fisheries resources in her EEZ, Fiji has the potential to become the hub of transhipment, processing and export of fish and marine resources."

Also present at the handover was director of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in Korea Jae Hyeong Ruy who said Korea and Fiji had maintained an admirable relationship since the early 1970s.