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Water relief for village

Mere Naleba
Monday, December 23, 2013

PRESSING health issues in the Lomawai Village surroundings forced the Water Authority of Fiji to fast track the commissioning of their water project to this year.

WAF CEO Opetaia Ravai made this comment during the commissioning of the Lomawai Village water project saying the project was planned to be commissioned next year.

Mr Ravai said the Ministry of Health had approached WAF for assistance in constructing a dam that could supply clean water to Lomawai Village and settlements in the area because of the fear of the increasing number of water-borne diseases.

The $117,000 project was welcomed by many people as they gathered at the village.

"We had set out our target to complete the rural projects before Christmas and we are now commissioning projects every week now to reach our target and achieve our goal that we had set out," Mr Ravai said.

He said of the 52 projects for this year, there were only eight left to be commissioned.

He said there was only one project in Bemana in the Navosa Province that was facing complications at present but he assured that the project would be commissioned this year.

Kubuna Village, Kabisi settlement and few families living close to the Lomawai Secondary School and Lomawai Primary School, including Lomawai Village, will benefit from the water project.