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Rise in amputees a concern

Maciu Malo
Monday, December 23, 2013

CONCERNS have been raised on the increasing number of disabled people in the Western Division.

Western Disabled People Association secretary Hari Kisun said membership for the association had increased each year since its formation 40 years ago.

He said amputation was one of the familiar cases of concern.

"Each year around 200 new amputation victims register with us and we are concerned that the numbers are increasing," Mr Kisun said.

"Overall there has been a 5 per cent increase in membership each year and we need finance and assistance to look after our members.

"Another cause for the increase is lifestyle disease, stroke and amputation."

Mr Kisun said the association participated in a four-kilometre walk-a-thon on Saturday as part of its fundraising drive.

"The objective of the fundraising is to raise funds for the association and members' operations, transportation and other needs.

"Our members consist of children and adults."

More than $400 was raised during the fundraising event.