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By-election for group

Maciu Malo
Monday, December 23, 2013

THE Penang and Rarawai Cane Producers Association has elected seven sector delegates to replace those that were earlier dismissed by the association.

Association president Gyan Singh said the appointment of the new delegates would enable the association to work out better incentives for its members.

He said the new delegates would also decide on the future of the pension scheme that was suspended two months ago.

Mr Singh said the by-election was conducted in a fair manner with all the dismissed candidates being given chances to stand.

He said only one of the dismissed delegates was to be re-elected.

"We almost finished off with the by-election where we had to fill nine positions for members of the general assembly," Mr Singh said.

"All by-elections were conducted in a fair manner and in all the elections police officers were present. We will convene a general assembly and we will leave to the delegates to decide on the future of pension and the best payout for our members."

Mr Singh said the new assignment would also be distributed to members on areas they needed assistance.

He said members were welcomed to air their grievances on any issue that needed improvement from the delegates' perspective.

"Call has been made from Rakiraki farmers to have an insurance scheme for farmers and we will surely look into this," he said.

"There have been calls to subsidise the fertiliser and weedicides cost, and personal protective equipment be provided to farmers.

"We welcome any issue raised by our members on how to best use the funding for the benefit of the farmers."

More than $2million in funding was given to the association this year compared with the $1.4m given last year.