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$7m for machines

Serafina Silaitoga
Monday, December 23, 2013

THE desalination plant on Kia Island means safe and better drinking water for the villagers, says Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Amena Yauvoli.

While commissioning the new plants at Ligau Village on the weekend, Mr Yauvoli said years of struggles faced by villagers in trying to get proper water supply would now become an element of the past.

With such struggles faced by villagers over many years, Mr Yauvoli said the villagers of Kia deserved to have desalination plants.

He told the villagers they no longer needed to hire boats to get drinking water from Labasa.

Mr Yauvoli said the project was part of government's plan to improve the quality of drinking water in rural areas.

He said the tireless efforts put in by various government departments resulted in the opening of the machines.

"The office of the Commissioner Northern and the Water Authority of Fiji had worked tirelessly to put this project together and this will be the fourth in Fiji," Mr Yauvoli said.

"The Japanese Government has played a crucial role because they funded this project and it cost them about $7million to put up the four machines in the country.

"We have one on Viwa Island, Yasawa, one is also on Vanuavatu Island in Lau, the third in Kavewa and the fourth in Kia."

Mr Yauvoli urged the villagers to take ownership of the machines and look after it well because the plant parts cost a lot of money.