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Dengue warning

Dawn Gibson
Monday, December 23, 2013

YOU can no longer play the ignorance card with the new dengue strain — it has been splashed all over the media, so you should already be making small adjustments to your living area to make sure you do not become part of the Health Ministry's statistics.

To help you out the Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma, has issued a statement on what to do to avoid the unnecessary bother of this mosquito-borne illness.

"Seek prompt medical advice with the onset of dengue fever symptoms, the symptoms of dengue fever are non-specific and include fever, headache, and pain in the muscles and joints," Dr Sharma said in a statement.

"Destroy the dengue mosquito breeding grounds, the dengue-mosquito breeds in water-containing receptacles found in and around the house.

"To reduce mosquito replication and its density it is therefore important to empty water out of flower vases or fill it in with sand.

He also suggested the discarding of empty juice bottles, cans, unused tyres, and open drums.

"Water-filled drums and water tanks need to be covered. Water in drains, pools, and roof guttering have to flow continuously, and the grass and shrubs within the compound need to be trimmed to avoid collecting rainwater.

"The ministry is reiterating its concern on dengue fever as it continues to register cases of dengue fever. The black and white striped dengue-transmitting mosquito prefers to live in and around the house," Dr Sharma warned.