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No break for Youth Olympic hopefuls

Arin Kumar
Sunday, December 22, 2013

ATHLETES preparing for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games will not be given time off to celebrate the festive season.

The athletes will have their second time trials on January 18 and Athletics Fiji (AF) wants to see an improvement in their performance.

The last competition for the year was held yesterday at the ANZ Stadium in Suva and AF secretary Maciu Koroitamana said they were happy with the turnout and performance of the athletes.

"We are very thankful to the athletes, the para-athletes, the masters athletes, the senior athletes, the officials, the parents and the supporters," he said.

"Also the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) training squad showed a good improvement today (yesterday) and provided good competition to the other athletes."

Simon Lilicama (MBHS), Akuila Verebasaga (SGS), Samuela Dakunivosa (SGS), Varasiko Mualiva (SGS), Ashnil Nand (XC), Albert Miller (MBHS), Siga Ratumudu (MBHS), Apolosi Ranawai (QVS), Shane Tuvusa (XC), Tafa Varea (MBHS) and Keasi Naidroka (MBHS) make up the boys squad.

Listed in the girls squad are Tamara Patrick (SJSS), Naomi Rokoravia, Meresiana Vukici (Jasper), Kayla Yee (YSS), Laisani Moceisawana (ACS), Adi Ema Navukula (ACS), Ana Maria (VKH), Unaisi Vatulili (Duavata) and Tailah Ah Yuk (SGS).

Kayla Yee and Helen Young ran the girls' 100m in a time of 13.2 seconds and 13.3s respectively.

Tailah Ah Yuk clocked 1.06.6s in the girls 400m competition while in the boys event, Apolosi Rarawai ran a time of 54.9s.

In the 800m boys event, Varasiko Mualiva and Shane Tuvusa ran a time of 2:06.2 and 2:14.5 respectively.

"Unfortunately, the YOG squad members would be training throughout the festive period without a break with their coaches," Koroitamana said.

"The coaches had a meeting and planned their training program because we will have our next competition on January 4 and then we will have the time trials on January 18 and we want to see improvements in their times."