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New journal launched

Maciu Malo
Sunday, December 22, 2013

A PUBLICATION that will help in dealing with food and nutrition insecurity in Fiji has been launched.

Agriculture minister Ieutenant Colonel Inia Seruiratu launched the Fiji Agricultural Journal at the Tanoa International Hotel on Friday night.

Speaking at the launching Mr Seruiratu said the journey to revive the journal started few years ago but the real urge became apparent early this year during a senior research staff meeting.

He said the journal was one of the initiatives of the ministry's research council and was committed and dedicated to serve the people of Fiji and to work hand-in-hand with various institutions, donor agencies, international and regional organisations and non-state actors to address food and nutrition insecurity.

Mr Seruiratu said the journal would also address environmental issues and modernising Fiji's agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors.

"Towards this direction, few milestones to mention are the enhancement of the agricultural research for development partnership with Papua New Guinea's pioneer research institute," he said.

"Also the first ever national agriculture policy document has been crafted through the kind assistance of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This document places great emphasis on re-strengthening adaptive and applied researches as well as reviving the Fiji Agricultural Journal."

Mr Seruiratu said the journal's role was to publish scientific articles, invited commentary and insight papers, and state of the art review articles of forthcoming events in the field of agriculture.

"The revival of this journal will not only contribute to the process of sharing knowledge and information but also supporting and enhancing a knowledgeable society," he said.

"The value of the journal is enormous in terms of sharing ideas, knowledge and evidence of research work is essential in this time and age.

"Documenting such information is vital to ensure they are stored in forms that could be easily retrieved and used."