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Weather office predicts wet Christmas

Tevita Vuibau
Sunday, December 22, 2013

THE weather office says it could be a wet Christmas with showers expected next week.

The Fiji Meteorological Service made the comments yesterday after heavy rain in the country over the past few days caused road closures.

"Today the winds are southerly and they will turn more south easterly so we'll have the south east trade winds and the usual weather for Suva and the other areas," the duty forecaster said.

"Suva, Navua and Nausori you'll experience the normal trade showers that you guys get and for the Nadi, Lautoka, Ba side it's more of the afternoon stuff for the next two days.

"Into Christmas the winds will become more east south east so we will experience trade showers on the eastern side and interior of the larger islands and for the West we will experience afternoon and evening showers."

The forecaster added that there was strong wind warning for South West Viti Levu.

"We have a strong wind warning at the moment for South West Viti Levu and the winds are more south easterly at 20-25 knots.

"The strong wind warning we previously had for the other areas has been cancelled."