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Ministry attacks mozzies

Tevita Vuibau
Sunday, December 22, 2013

THE Ministry of Health began spraying insecticides today as it works to fight back against the number of increasing dengue cases noted in the Central Division over the past few weeks.

The ministry had earlier identified the Central Division as an area of concern with the number dengue cases standing at 61 at the last count.

Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma said dengue virus was spread by mosquitos so efforts must be made to ensure their breeding grounds were destroyed.

"Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus and is transmitted when a dengue-mosquito carries the virus from a dengue-infected person after a blood meal, and injects it into a dengue-free individual, during its next meal," Dr Sharma said.

"The black-and-white striped dengue-transmitting-mosquito prefers to live in-and-around the house."

He said preventative measures needed to be taken to destroy their reeding grounds.

"The dengue-mosquito breeds in water-containing receptacles found in and around the house.

"To reduce the mosquito replication and its density it is therefore important to empty water out of flower vases or fill it in with sand, discard empty juice bottles, cans, unused tyres, and open drums."

"Water-filled drums and water tanks need to be covered."

"Water in drains, pools, and roof guttering has to flow continuously, and the grass and shrubs within the compounds need to be trimmed to avoid collecting rainwater."

"Discarded water receptacles will be collected from strategic areas which your local city or town authority will advise on."