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New PRB flats near completion

Shalveen Chand
Sunday, December 22, 2013

THE first phase of construction on the Public Rental Board's Raiwai flats will be completed by next month.

PRB chief executive Mesake Senibulu said all issues with the contractors, China Railway Number One, had been resolved and construction work was progressing.

Construction had halted after it was found that the wrong type of steel piping was being used in the structures.

"We are well on track now. The first three blocks that will be ready by next month are the bottom flats opposite the Raiwaqa Police Station," he said.

"PRB will be accommodating 208 families in the new complexes and we are yet to confirm the tenants.

"Next month we will also tell people how they can become tenants."

Construction of the flats in Raiwai started three years ago and is costing PRB $11million.

Mr Senibulu said the Raiwai project was due to be completed by August next year.

After completing this project, the same company will then start construction on the flats in Raiwaqa.

He added that this time around PRB would be strict on enforcing its tenancy rules and come down hard on overcrowding.