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Athletics meet to go ahead despite rift

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE last Athletics Fiji-organised competition will go ahead as planned at the ANZ Stadium in Suva despite the rift in the association.

Athletics Fiji secretary Maciu Koroitamana said they were encouraging more athletes to attend the competition.

About 60 athletes participated in the season opening event two weeks ago and he said they were expecting about 100 athletes to compete in the final event of the year.

"We are expecting a few things in this last competition.

"Firstly, an increase in numbers, secondly, better competition, thirdly, improvements in time from the athletes who are part of the Youth Olympic Games training squad, and lastly, current and former national reps competing," Koroitamana said.

"Since this is the last event for the year for us, we want it to end on a high note so that we have an assurance going into the new year that we are on the right track."

He said he would like to see more field athletes competing in their respective events today and he encouraged athletics clubs to bring in their athletes for the competition.

"We have less numbers in the field events but we are trying to have a competition for shot-put, javelin and discus and we would like to encourage upcoming athletes and current and former national reps to come and participate.

"We would also like to encourage those clubs who could not make it two weeks ago to come and compete tomorrow (today)."

Koroitamana said he was expecting an improvement from the athletes who were in the training squad for the Youth Olympic Games.

"They are competing for spots in the team that will travel to Nanjing in China for the games and we would like to see the fighting spirit in the athletes.

"We want to see improvement in their times to show us that their training is paying off."

Competition begins at 9am.