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Endurance weak

Emoni Narawa
Saturday, December 21, 2013

FLYING Fijians head coach Inoke Male has urged the Fiji Warriors players to improve on their endurance during the festive season as they prepare for the Pacific Rugby Cup.

After a fitness test yesterday in Suva, Male highlighted that endurance was a weakness.

"The attendance was good but not the endurance," he said.

"This is an area that I want players to improve on because this is an important aspect of the game — how long they will last during the 80-minute period."

Male said the next test in January should show improvement from yesterday.

"We will continue to monitor players during the festive season. And during the next test on January 14, we will want to see improvements and gauge players who are loyal to the Fiji rugby jersey and those who are not."

Male said he would talk to players who failed to attend the test in Suva yesterday.

"Some players did not turn up, I'll have to talk to them and check why," he said.

Players such as Waisea Luveniyali, James Brown, Samu Sauturaga, Ilitomasi Nawalu, Josefa Levula, Vesi Rarawa, Waisea Daveta, Jaoji Dakuvula and Apenisa Qiri attended the test.

Male also drafted Nasinu Secondary School Deans captain and Fiji under-18 rep Kaveni Dabenaise and Ratu Sukuna Memorial School fly half Kameli Yalovigau in the extended squad.