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Players encouraged to take up long-distance running

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE Jet Runners Club of Nadi is encouraging players of other sports to take up long-distance running.

Club president Abinesh Kumar says long-distance running is a good way to gain endurance.

He said in the past, they had boxers who participated in their races in Nadi.

"With 2014 so close, I would like to encourage all sportspeople in Fiji to change their lifestyle and completely devote it to healthy living," he said.

"As sportsmen and sportswomen, it is our job to set a good example to the community and for the future generation.

"I would like them all to take up long-distance running because it will help improve their stamina and endurance."

Kumar said with rugby, rugby league and soccer being the three most followed sports in the country, and with the largest player base, long distance running could be very beneficial to these sports.

"This is because in rugby and rugby league, they play for 80 minutes and in soccer, they play for 90 minutes.

"Every now then, we will hear coaches say they want their players to play until the final whistle but we see their player puffed out because they don't have the stamina and endurance.

"I would like to see players of other sports take up long-distance running and improve on their stamina and endurance, so that they can make an impact in their own sport when they do actually play till the final whistle."

Kumar said they would host their next event on the first Saturday of 2014.

Meanwhile, he has thrown his weight behind the newly-formed interim committee for Athletics Fiji.

"I saw on the back page of The Fiji Times that an interim committee has taken over at Athletics Fiji and I fully support the appointment of Dr Ayoade Olatunbosun-Alakija as interim president and the other members of the committee.

"Even though they have not communicated with us yet we are confident they can bring about positive changes in the sport and I would like them to host more national and regional long-distance racing events."