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Swim outreach program helps combat drowning

Rashneel Kumar
Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE inaugural Swim for Life Water Safety and Learn program has been hailed a success.

Hosted by the Tritons Swimming Club of Suva, the three-week program had 18 children participating.

Club junior coach William Elaisa said the program, which was aimed at teaching basic swimming and survival skills to combat drowning, was funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

"Through this grant we give people who cannot afford the fees swimming lessons free," he said.

"In this first program we had 18 swimmers ranging from the ages of five to 13 who were taught the basic swimming skills."

Elaisa said they would host another program early next month.

"We have received a lot of interest from people and we are expecting about 30 participants in the next program.

"The participants are free to join any club after the completion of the program."

National rep Paul Elaisa is a member of the Tritons Swimming Club.