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Young graduates receive their hapkido belts

Rashneel Kumar
Saturday, December 21, 2013

FIFTY-one children graduated with the green and blue belts in hapkido at the Police Special Response Unit (PSRU) in Makoi yesterday.

The inaugural program had children of PSRU staff training under the guidance of chief instructor Arthur Davis.

Davis said they practised early in the morning and after school to complete the initial stage of the art.

"We will continue with the program until they reach the red belt level," he said. "We had quite a successful program where the participants were taught basic skills of hapkido."

Davis said there was a lot of improvement in the behaviour of the children who attended this program.

"Their parents say they behave well at home and they are more disciplined now. It will also help them overcome situations if they come across any in life."

Children between the ages of four to 15 years took part in this program.