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Rehab work at mining site

Luke Rawalai
Saturday, December 21, 2013

REHABILITATION works are progressing well at the XINFA Bauxite mining site in Nawailevu, Bua, says company executive director, Sang Lei.

Mr Lei said they started rehabilitation works in the area that they mined since last year.

"We have begun planting leguminous plants in these areas, including peanuts, watermelons, beans and rain trees," he said.

"This will ensure the soil in the mined area is replenished and that they are not left to waste.

"The rehabilitation processes are divided into two stages and the planting of leguminous plants is part of the first stage."

Mr Lei said the second phase would include the planting of local trees like the rain tree and acacia trees.

"When we started initially, we had an operating license of two years for the Nawailevu mining site.

"However, we had extended our licence until the reserves of bauxite have been exploited fully.

"According to the reserves we have at the Nawailevu site, work at the site will probably go on for another year before our mining stops."

Mr Lei said rehabilitation works at the Nawailevu site had begun as soon as their first export of bauxite left local shores.